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GlobeServer/FW - Overview
June 16 2024

Opening the Full Potential of the Internet !!

Connect your business, school, or other organization to the Internet with GlobeServer/FW and provide the control over your Internet connection that your organization requires.

For businesses, GlobeServer/FW provides such capabilities as firewall security and control over employee web-browsing. Protect your internal files and also assure your management that the staff is not browsing the web excessively for non-productive reasons. In both of these cases, the cost efficiency of your business is a primary concern.

For schools, GlobeServer/FW provides capabilities such as site blocking (optional for the business licenses) and web caching. Protect your student’s from browsing to undesirable sites and also maximize your Internet connection by automatically caching web pages so they don’t have to be transferred from the Internet multiple times in a computer teaching lab.

In all organizations, GlobeServer/FW combines these features into a single Internet Control System that can be managed on-site easily.

The Search is over - Thanks to GlobeServer/FW, the Internet is open for business!

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